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What clothes should I wear to the gym?

If you're new to working out or you've been slogging away at those ...
What clothes should I wear to the gym?

If you're new to working out or you've been slogging away at those home workouts over the past few months and you're ready to head back into a gym environment then you might be wondering what are the most appropriate types of activewear to use.

The most important thing is comfort; you want to feel at ease and confident wearing what feels most comfortable for you.

Gym-Based Workouts

If you are doing general gym-based work then you want clothes that fit well and move with you as you exercise. You could also go with clothing that's a bit looser, but this entirely depends on your preference.

You may wish to have base-layers such as a good sports bra or compression shorts/leggings and then layer over the top of these with shorts, leggingst-shirts and hoodies and then de-layer as you warm-up during your workout.

In general it's recommended to avoid 100% cotton items as they soak up more sweat but the preference is down to you and what you feel comfortable in.

If you're working out in a Crossfit / Functional Fitness setting then you'll probably be able to take off a few more layers and pretty much get down to skins as you workout. Again bear this is mind as you decide what layers you'll be wearing and what spare t-shirts to pack in your gym bag.

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On the Road Workouts

Alternatively you might be pounding the streets as you work on your 5km time or cycling your way to your first triathlon. For these then you'd probably want to go for closer fitting garments which move with you to avoid excessive chaffing and skin irritation. Moisture wicking garments would also be a good shout to allow your skin to breathe and for you to keep cool.

Find what suits you

It may take some time and a bit of trial and error to find the items that suit you and your workouts best.

We're here to provide a few solutions to your activewear needs to feel free to browse through our items and see what could work for you.



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